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Private Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Orange Beach

A private fishing charter is the Best and only way to go, if you are wanting the best fishing experience for your group or family.  This way, you get the best service and the best all around charter boat trip.  Only you and your family or group will be on the fishing trip and you are in control of what you want to do, where you go and how you fish.

When it comes to private fishing trips, you have a wide variety of choices.  You may choose a short trip that keeps you close to land or you may choose a deep sea fishing trip that takes you way offshore.  The fishing charters that keep you close to shore are what we call trolling trips.  The charters that take you further offshore are called bottom fishing trips.  Some of the longer fishing trips offshore combine bottom fishing and trolling.

Different types of deep sea fishing charters

Nearshore trolling is a type of fishing trip that keeps you near the shore.  Even though it is called deep sea fishing, it is best to describe it as staying near the shore.   Most of the near shore charters drag lines behind the boat and are in search of migratory fish like mackerel.

Offshore Deep Sea fishing is a type of trip that takes you offshore to where we have an abundance of artificial reefs that hold species of fish like snapper, grouper, amberjack, triggerfish, bonito, king mackerel, shark, angel fish and many more species.  Deep sea fishing is the most popular trip because everyone gets to hold a pole and fish at the same time by dropping baits down to the reefs below.

If you want to fish oil rigs, blue water or for species like tuna or marlin, you need to book an overnight fishing charter.  These private charters are usually overnight and take you way off shore.

What to look for in a private fishing charter:

1.  Professional fishing guide who puts your best interest above their personal gain.

2.  One who is safe or will not take you out in rough or unsafe sea conditions.

3.  Kid and family friendly.  (One who educates, demonstrates and helps you learn how to catch quality fish)

4.  One who promotes "keep the best, release the rest," because that is the future of fishing.  Sure, we all want you to catch and keep as many fish as you can eat in a reasonable amount of time.  However, if there is a chance you can't eat all that meat, our guides encourage you to let them go.

5.  A fishing guide who had new and or well maintained boat, fishing tackle and gear.

6.  One who has the best baits on board for you to use.

7.  A guide that does not charge up front deposits on half day trips or less.

8.  A guide who cares if you have a good time and has the reviews to prove it.


Costs of a private fishing charter:

There are two different types of charter boats in Orange Beach.  There are six passenger boats and multi-passenger boats.  The six passenger boat takes from 1 to 6 people.  These boats range anywhere from 36 to 55 feet in length, with an average of about 40 feet.  The best boats with the best reputations book up early and charge about $200 per hour plus a fee that runs a minimum of 20% of the cost of the charter.    You may tip the deckhand 10 to 15% above his minimum fee of 20%.

The multi-passenger boats carry 7 people or more.  These boats are inspected by the USCG and carry a larger number of people.  The average lenght of these boats is about 50 feet, with some reaching 65 feet.  Their fees and costs is about $250 per hour plus a fee that runs a minimum of 20%.  Some charge .30 cents per whole pound of fish caught for cleaning.

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