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Insider Secrets About Fishing Charters

The purpose of this page is to let you in on some insider secrets about fishing charters that will help you educate yourself and help you get the best fishing trip for you and your family.   We will explore hot topics that you did not even know existed.  This way, you will know what to look for.   The information on this page can save you money and help you make better decisions.

What Are Charter Fishing Brokers And Why You Should Avoid Them?

Brokers are anyone that takes a fee for putting customers on charter boats or with fishing guides.  No matter what you may think, their is a commission that consumers never really think about.  The amount of money brokers charge or take off the top, ranges from 10% to 30%.  The most common fee is 15% to 20%.   Now you may be thinking that brokers will not affect the quality of your trip.  This is the farthest from the truth.   Anytime a charter boat or a consumer has to pay a commission, the consumer and the boat both lose.  

The charter boat does not have the revenue to give you their best when anyone pays a commission.

Do All Fishing Charter Brokers Charge Hidden Fees, Disguised Deposits or Commissions?

No.  This website is the only charter fishing broker that offers consumers a free service to the consumers and to the charter boats they refer you too.

Who Are The Charter Fishing Brokers You Need To Know About?

The Online Brokers:

FishingBooker™ - A Serbian Owned Company (former Soviet Union).  They have taken on like a storm and are very popular among fishing charters that need someone to help book their boat.   They offer consumers instant booking and confirmations.   However, the negotiated fee they charge customers is very misleading and consumers don't even know their money is being taken off the top and out of the good ole USA.  The deposit consumers pay, is really a big fat commission.  

FishAnywhere - A Winter Garden, Florida Company.  They are trying to be a major player, but we will see how they do.  They advertise "Lowest Price Charters," which is worriesome to us, because they are selling price, not service.  Good service costs money, but low prices leave everyone wanting more - everyone loses.

Fisherguiding - Is yet another online fishing broker based out of Charlottesville, Va.  We don't know much about them, but they too charge customers a commission.

Orange Beach Fishing Charters and Saltwater Guides:  Is a one person show with a google business listing showing them located at Zeke's Marina.  Well, this is not the truth.  There are no brokers other than Zeke's marina charter office located at that location.  The name of their company is an Internet Business listing that uses Key Words "Orange Bach Fishing Charters" as their name.

Local Marina Brokers:

Zeke's Marina Charter Office:

Reel Surprise Charters Office:


Why You Should Avoid Fishing Brokers?

The reason you should avoid fishing charter brokers is because guiding is mostly a seasonal business and the profit margins are slim.  When a fishing guide has to pay or have their customer pay a commission, they actually suck the life out of the fishing guide, where they can't make a living, pay their bills, maintain their vessels and tackle.  Most importantly, brokers charge customers upwards of 15% to 30% to book their charter for the boat they are booking.  

The Best Way To Save Money And Get The Best Fishing Charter?

Find the charter boat you want to go fishing with and go DIRECT to their personal business website and book your trip.  In other words, don't use a big fishing booker website or marina charter office to book your trip.

How Does Booking Direct Save You Money?

When you book direct with the boat you want, you don't have to pay a commission or booking fee to a third party or a booking agent.  All of those big fish booker websites and marina charter offices take a big cut or a commission off the top that you don't even know you are paying.  That cheats you out of getting the best trip because you are either paying too much or the boat does not have enough revenue left over to give you a successful fishing charter.


Can You Really Trust Self Reported Reviews That These Broker Websites Post Online?

These websites from what we found out, encourage customers to write reviews on for their own website so they can publish them.  Nobody trusts self reported reviews.  You should only trust reviews posted on google, trip advisor or yelp in order to find out who is the best charter boat for you.  These third party websites are strict about who writes reviews and frown on people who try and game the system and post fake reviews.

What Are The Dangers and Concerns Consumers Need To Worry About When Using A Big Fishing Booking Website?

At this time, those big fishing websites promote anyone who has a boat and has a captains license and agreest to pay them big commissions and deposits. Many of the boats listed on these sites are charters nobody has ever heard of before or are new in business. 

What you need to know is, they may not have Liability Insurance that protects you in case of an accident. 

Many of them don't have proper Federal Fishery Permits that allows you to catch fish offshore in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).   If you get caught fishing outside of the charter boats permitted area, you personally can get a big ticket or a fine.

Many of those new or fly by night fishing chaters are not members of random drug testing consortiums.   Being a member of a random drug screen consortium is a requirement of the U.S. Coast Guard and it protects you.

Another requirement is for the fishing guide to have a current first aid and cpr certification on board.

Reputable fishing guides have insurance, are members of a drug testing consortium and have all of the state and federal fishing permits that protect you.   You have the right to ask your fishing guide to show you proof that they have all of these documents. 


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