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Party Boat Deep Sea Fishing In Orange Beach, Alabama

Party Boat does not mean that the people who are on them are having a party. Orange Beach, Alabama party boats are large boats that carry 40 people deep-sea fishing at the same time. They usually run two trips a day. Currently, there are a few party boats that serve our Orange Beach. Party boats are an introduction to saltwater fishing only and are nothing like a private charter offered by Distraction Charters or Intimidator Sportfishing. They provide a venue for the average person. These charters are also called walk on or shared expense charters.

The people who use party boats in Orange Beach, are usually on a tight budget, don't know what to expect and don't mind fishing with others. Party boats range in price from $75 for a 4 hour trip, up to $95 for a fisherman for 6 hour fishing trip. Party boats make their money by putting as many people as they can on board to take you fishing.

The fish you catch on Orange Beach Party Boats are mostly the same as you will catch on other boats, but mostly smaller because of the type of tackle they use. During most of the season, they take you to catch little fish like 10 - 12 inch Vermilion Snapper, Red Porgy (some call them white snapper, but they are not a snapper at all. During the summer months and for about 30 days a year, they can Reef fish like Red Snapper. The Party boats let customers bottom fish using a heavy lead with two hooks baited with cut squid. Most of the time you will fish with a large, bulky rod and reel with two hooks and a lead sinker attached. When the captain stops the boat and then say go get them over the loud speaker, You drop you line to the bottom and reel up 5 turns and wait on the fish to bite. When the fish bite, you reel them in.

Most Orange Beach Alabama party boats do not troll (pull baits behind the boat) fish while heading out to reef fish. Head boats do not have time usually to troll unless they are on a private charter. Trolling is the most common way to catch migratory fish like King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel.

Orange Beach Party Boat Disadvantages

The only disadvantages to choosing a party boat is you will be fishing with up to 40 people you do not know. Another disadvantage of being on a walk-on or shared expense trip is you have no control of the boat if you get sick and want to go back home. You may also stand there for a few minutes waiting on your deck hand to come take your fish off the hook. You may also stay tangled up with the person fishing next to you. Party boats are large boats and they will take you out in seas that are larger than normal because they can handle the ride because they are big boats and do not get tossed around like smaller boats would. Most captains err to caution and will not take you out when it is rough. However, our party boat will not take you in 5 to 6 foot seas which can be uncomfortable for those who have never been before or get sea-sick easily.

Orange Beach Party Boat Advantages

The biggest advantage of choosing a party boat is the cheap price $95 per person plus tip and fish cleaning. Another advantage to fishing on a party boat is that the fish bite can be better when you drop all of those baits in the water at the same time. This large amount of bait causes the fish like the Vermilion Snapper and White Snapper to begin feeding like a frenzy.

If you want a personalized fishing charter that you are in control of and get great, one on one service, consider one of our private fishing charters. They are Distraction Charters for those who have 6 people or less, and Intimidator Sportfishing Charters if you have 7 or more people in your group. Remember, The best charters are private charters. If you would like to go fishing on our Orange Beach Fishing party boat, visit our party boat reservations page and click on the button beside the words party boat and your reservation will be sent to the head boats reservation desk.


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