Fishing Orange Beach

Party Boat Fishing in Orange Beach

For those of you who are by yourself or do not want to charter the whole boat for just your small group, we have an option for you. It's called a Party Boat. Some people call it a head boat or an Overload Boat. This type of charter is appealing to those who are on a tight budget or is their first time and don't really know what to expect out of a fishing charter in Orange Beach.  The service you receive on a party boat is not anything like what you will receive if you charter a private tour.  There are a lot of people on these boats and its hard for just a couple of deckhands to service everyone on board quick enough.

A party boat is one of the least expensive ways to go deep sea fishing. Don't let the word party fool you. It's not a party and they are usually pretty gentle and respectful of having so many different groups on board at the same time. The reason they are called party boats is because of the large group or party of people they carry. The average party boat in Orange Beach is 65' and carries about 40 people each trip.

They only offer 4 and 6 hour trips, but occasionally offer 8 hour trips during the off season and they take you offshore deep sea fishing. 6 hour trips are in the morning and 4 hour trips are usually in the afternoon. These charters are ideal for those who are on a tight budget or tight on time. These are not like a private charter where you get the most attention and incredible one on one service. They put you on a boat with people you do not know, but have a common interest in catching a few fish.

The way you fish on a party boat is, everyone holds a pole and stands around the edge of the boat. Party boats do what is called bottom fishing. This is where they take you offshore to fish over our artificial reefs and natural bottom reefs. When you arrive at the reef to fish, the captain will toot his horn or speak to you over a PA system - telling you to drop your lines.

Costs to go fishing

You can expect to pay about $95 to $110 per person for a 6 hour trip and $75 for a 4 hour trip.  There is an 8 hour option for $125 pe person. The party boat deckhands work for a tip runs about 15% and fish cleaning is about .30 cents per whole pound.

The early morning trips depart from 6:30 to 7:30 am and return to port by 12:30 or 1:30 pm

Good Advice: If you don't want to keep your fish, please tell the deckhand to release them. All to often, people harvest fish and when they get back to the dock, they don't want to keep them. This is not very responsible and is not a good practice. Let's do the right thing and turn those fish back if you have no plans on keeping them.

If you would like to go party boat fishing while in Orange Beach, fill out this reservation request with basic information. They need to know how many people are in your group and the dates you are available to fish. Since these charters may not run every day, it would be wise to tell the booking agent in the comments section which dates you are available to go fishing.  They will put you on the list.  Call them today at 251-981-4127

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