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The Best Orange Beach Best Real Estate Investment Agents

You have worked hard. Now it's time to reap the rewards of your labor and find that special piece of property in Orange Beach that you have always dreamed about. The first thing you need to do after deciding to purchase or sell a piece of real estate or property, is find a trusted realtor or real estate agent who will put your satisfaction before their personal gain. That's why its so important to take your time and find an Orange Beach real estate agent who understands you, and most of all, cares if you are satisfied with your purchase or quick sale. You don't need just any salesman. You need someone who has a passion for serving others and knows how to solve problems. Whether you are buying or selling property in Baldwin County, Alabama for the first time, it is important for you to do your homework and choose a real estate agent you can trust.   That is why we highly recommend Joseph Frady as one of our trusted real estate agents.  His phone number is 251-978-3339.

Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Baldwin County Property Real Estate Values Will Continue To Increase

One of the first things you need to know about real estate and property values on the Alabama Gulf Coast, is the price is going to continue to go up. Why? It's simple. It's because of supply and demand. Anyone who has been in the area for a while, remembers what was going on from the early 1990's to 2007. We saw Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Baldwin County, Alabama change. We saw those small private beach houses that were nestled among the shoreline, hidden in the oak trees, disappear. One by one, they were gone and the once secluded Orange Beach and Gulf Shores areas began to change. We saw more beach front developments and huge condominiums built during that period of time than ever before. Our entire Alabama coastline was transformed into skylines that rivaled Destin and Panama City. In 2008, we saw a spike in development in the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area and we all know what happened after that. The bubble burst and our economy took a nose dive. Property values dropped and stayed that way for about five or six years. However, in recent years, the economy has recovered and development has taken off again and we are expected to gain 25,000 new residents in Baldwin County, Alabama in the next few years. What does that mean for you? It means the time is right for you to start looking for and purchase or sell your beach dream home or condominium.  I means you need to find the best real estate salesman to serve you.  Depending on what you are looking for, there may be ample supply or there may be a demand.  Either way, we are seeing more and more farm land become developed and as long as there is land, there will be growth.

According to NOAA, in the next 20 years, 75% of our nations population will be living within coastal communities. Knowing that little bit of information, you are now armed with some information that should make you feel more comfortable with buying or purchasing a piece of property to build on, a condominium, a home, a beach house and possibly some commercial property to start a business. It may also be the time to sell your property and take your gain now. Either way, you need a trusted real estate agent and broker who will treat you professionally and with respect and get you the results you desire.

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Is Important

There are some really good real estate agents in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, out there and then there are some who are not as good as others when it comes to serving people. As a consumer or as a seller, it is important for you to know there is a difference between the two types of real estate salespeople. Some work full time and there are some who sell real estate to supplement their retirement income. That is why finding the right real estate agent for you is important. Being a real estate agent in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, takes hard work, dedication and study of market trends and analysis. The best real estate agents in the area work full time in the business. These full time real estate agents know the market, they know the local economy and especially know what clients want from their real estate agent and broker. 

It is important for you to do your research and find a real estate agent in Orange Beach who works full time in the industry. You need to find a real estate agent who works for you and helps you solve the problem of finding the place that is just right for you and keep you within your budget or negotiates the best deals on your behalf when selling your investment.

The Best Real Estate Agents in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Perdido Key Florida


Keeping Alabama Real Estate License Law and attention to detail at the forefront of his mind, Joseph consistently offers accurate and dependable information to his clients. He possesses excellent people skills and the ability to relate to different personalities, enabling him to understand the wants and needs of the individuals working with him.

He takes pride in being knowledgeable on every aspect of the conveyance of property, while maintaining the ability to communicate his expertise to buyers and sellers. "Albert Einstein said - If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough," Joseph says, adding, "It's my duty to not only understand, but to have the ability to explain and describe the laws and formalities of a real estate transaction."

Spending the first part of his real estate career as a top producing agent for the largest home builder in the country, Joseph acquired vast knowledge about quality residential construction. "Working for a Fortune-500 home builder has given me a better grasp on all phases of real estate: from permit process, construction, investment and marketing," he says, "That experience is invaluable to the success I have had and will have in the future."

Joseph, his wife Chloe, and their two sons, William Charles & Jackson Ward enjoy living on the Alabama Gulf Coast. When he is not working, he enjoys staying involved in the community, living an active life, and spending time with his family and friends. Joseph is licensed in AL & FL.

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