Fishing Orange Beach

Orange Beach, Al., Buoy 42012, Back On Line

Orange Beach, Alabama - October 28, 2009, Contractors from the National Data Bouy Center finally arrived today at the Orange Beach, Alabama buoy station 42012 to make necessary repairs.   The repairs took some four hours to complete.   New batteries were also installed in the buoy.  The buoy started transmitting data at 3:50 pm today.

Station 42012 transmits information about current sea conditions on the hour.   The buoy data is an aid to mariners that offers information such as wind direction, wind spead, wind gust, wave height, wave direction, dominant wave period, water temperature, air temperature and barometric pressure.

This buoy has been unoperational and has not trasmitted data for close to two months.  "We had to wait on contractors to work their way to it" says the NDBC website. 


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