Fishing Orange Beach

Orange Beach Alabama's Best Seafood Restaurants

We would like to introduce you to the best, laid back, casual dining restaurants in our area. If you want to experience the best aged steaks and fresh local seafood, you need to come with us and enjoy our favorite places to eat. . We solve the problem of trying to find the best fishing charters and a unique dining experience that offers your family a beautiful view and a great meal without breaking your budget. Simply put, you get the benefit of being able to go deep-sea fishing and enjoy some casual dining at the same location.

Fishers at Orange Beach Marina is hands down one of the best seafood restaurants in the entire area.  Johnny Fisher is the owner and offers some of the best fish and oysters in Alabama.   One thing you need to know about this restaurant is, there are two entirely different ones under the same roof.   You have fishers upstairs which offers fine dining (french style meals) with smaller portions, but many courses.   Downstairs is called dockside.  This restaurant has more traditional tourist fare and meals are less expensive but the quality is there.


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