Orange Beach Inshore and Back Bay Fish Species

Inshore fishing charters in Orange Beach is the place to start looking for a trip for the whole family.   Our area encompasses Gulf Shores and Ft. Morgan, Al.  Mobile Bay is a common place you will find us catching inshore fish.


There are a couple of species of Flounder that inhabit our local waters in Orange Beach.   Flounders are a flat fish with a dark brown back with spots and they have a white belly.   The Gulf Flounder is one of the best eating fish in the entire ocean.   Some people call them Halibut's cousin because they look similar.   However, the Flounders found in our area are about 1 pound up to over 6 pounds.

Black drum

Black Drum are also a great inshore fish species that we fish for in Alabama's inshore waters.  They are big and offer anglers a great fight.   These fish can be caught year round.

lady fish


If you love to feel a great fight, the Lady fish offers some of the best light tackle action available.   These long skinny silver fish are of poor food quality.    They do offer a jumping fight and pull like crazy.   They are usually about 1 to 3 pounds.  The are range from 18 to 24 inches.



 The Sheepshead fish are one of the most unusual inshore fish species that live in our waters.   These fish are gray with wide, black vertical stripes on both sides of their body.   They have teeth that look like a sheep.  They feed on shrimp and crabs around the rocks and oil rigs in Alabama.   The are most plentiful during the early Spring months when they school up at the Perdido Pass Jetties in Orange Beach.   They create a bonanza for saltwater anglers and are an easy catch for inshore guides during this time of the year.


If you would like to have any of your inshore fish mounted, please visit our saltwater taxidermy page for more information.


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