You deserve to know the about charter fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast.   This page will tell you what charters are best and which fish you can expect to catch on a deep-sea fishing charter in Orange Beach, Alabama. 

First time and Family Deep Sea Fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama

  • The 6 hour bottom fishing and trolling charters are the best deep sea fishing charters for the average person or first timers.  These 6 hour trips are ideal for those who want to experience the best of both worlds.  On these fishing charters, everyone gets to hold a pole and fishes at the same time.  Depending on the time of the year, some of the fish species you catch will have to be released due to seasonal closures.  You can still have fun and experience a great fight even if the season is closed.  You just have to release them.  The Distraction Charter boat is the best 6 hour fishing charter around for 6 people or less in your group.  They specialize in light tackle and family fun.

  • They use light tackle - Using light tackle, makes these fishing charters fun.

  • 6 hour trips are the most requested trips because they are just the right length for families with kids.  These trips will keep your family interested without wearing everyone out.  The Distraction will let you fish the whole time, by trolling out to the reefs and then you get to hold your own pole and catch reef fish.  You get more fishing time on these charters. 

  • The fish you can catch on an 6 hour charter are:  Red Snapper, King Mackerel, Triggerfish, Vermilion Snapper and Red Porgy.  You can even fish for Shark on these trips.

The Best Grouper, Amberjack and Tuna Fishing Charters

  • If you want to have a chance to catch Grouper and Amberjack, you need to take a 10 or 12 hour charter.  These trips allow you to get far enough offshore, where fishing pressure is less.  Charter Boats like the Intimidator specialize in Grouper and Amberjack fishing, and will take you way offshore to fish for these fish.   The Intimidator carries up to 20 passengers per trip for day trips.  That is why if you have a large group of 7 or more people or are serious about Jack or Grouper fishing, you need to charter this boat and do a full day trip.  If you want tuna, you need to take their overnight or two day trip to have a chance to catch them.

  • Private charters are what Intimidator offers.  They are the best fishing trips for those who budget for them.  They offer privacy and you are in control of the whole trip.  Walk-on or shared expense charters do not give you the control.  On walk on charters, you are along for the ride and have no control over who fishes beside your family.

  • The Intimidator boat is well maintained, clean and are comfortable.  They also have new fishing gear and their crew is well groomed and professional in nature.  All of our guides and captains care if you and your family have a good time.

  • The best place to charter a deep sea fishing trip in Alabama is in Orange Beach.  Orange Beach is closer to natural bottom, deep water and better fishing.  Ft. Morgan and Dauphin Island do not have the natural reefs like Orange Beach does and fishing is limited to just a couple of species there.

Why is the 6 hour fishing charter the best choice?

The 6 hour charter gives you enough time to ride far enough offshore to get to where the best fish live.   The 6 hour trip is about a 1.5 to 2.0 hour ride out to the best reefs.  You get about 2 hours of bottom fishing and then a 2 hour ride home.  These trips allow you to troll lures to and from the reefs and catch fish like King Mackerel.  In essence, you are fishing the whole time.  Any bottom fishing trip less than 6 hours is a potential tourist trap.  The exception in the 4 hour trolling trip that can be a lot of fun for a family during their first outing. 

Why is the 12 hour fishing charter the best choice for serious fishermen?

The 8 and 10 hour trip, due to heavy fishing pressure close to shore have become a thing of the past.  8 and 10 hour charters are great for those who want to have some fun and catch a few fish. Because of the charter boats having to go further offshore to catch legal fish.  Grouper and Amberjack close to shore have been overfished to the point to where it is hard to catch legal sized fish on any trip less than a full day.  It is our opinion that, if you want to catch Amberjack and Grouper, you need to take the 12 hour trip.  Reputable charters charge a lot of money to go and catch these larger fish.   It is simple.  If you want to catch a lot of fish to take home for the freezer, you need to spend the money and take a charter that can put you on the fish.


Ask for a Private Charter or a Walk On to get the best fishing charter.

You do have the option to ask for a walk on charter, where you can join others to fill a boat.  There are 6 passenger boats and multi passenger boats available to serve you.  If you have, lets say 3 people and don't want to go on a party boat, you can sign up for a walk on charter and the marina will add 3 more people to your group and assign you to the next charter boat on rotation. 

Private charters are best booked directly with the charter boat of your choice.  Marinas use a rotation and you might not get the boat you want or the charter you desire.  Most charters pay a percentage of the price of the charter to the office for booking them.  Most captains who run these charters look at the commission as part of their expenses and try to stay short, not burn as much fuel and may not make the best effort.  Booking your fishing charter direct means you get a charter that will run as far as he needs, burn the fuel it takes and give you the best effort.

Things You Should Know about Charter Fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama